Spit Roasts

This experience provides your group with a meal where the centerpiece is a spit-roast whole pig/lamb/bird. After you pick out your animal, we can show you exactly how it gets processed and prepared for your feast. These animals live their entire lives without ever leaving our Farm, foraging on forest undergrowth, pasture, and bugs.

Meet the Meat

In the words of the late Douglas Adams, your experience begins with the opportunity to "meet the meat". During your group's orientation tour, you will be introduced to the animals available to be served at your banquet. This seeks to build deeper appreciation and respect for the living creatures that feed the world every single day. With our guidance, your group will select the animal that you will have for dinner at the end of the week.

Processing Day

Next, we can demonstrate your group how we humanely process the animal in preparation for the feast. This process is not for the squeamish, but we believe everyone should witness the steps required to make meat products. For the truly bold, we will guide you through the steps of processing the animal completely on your own.

Obviously, this portion of the experience is completely optional; we do not want anyone to feel obligated to participate. Quite simply, this is an unavoidable part of the process, and everyone can learn something from being part of it at least once in their life.

Roasting and Feast

We light the coals in the morning to begin heating up the pit and prepare for roasting. Meanwhile, our chef dresses the animal onto the spit, adding any last herbs or seasoning. When that process is complete, the coals should be ready for the roast to begin.

The animal will rotate over the coals until the meat is almost falling off the bones. The exact timing varies depending on many factors: carcass weight, moisture content or basting, air temperature, coal intensity. Nevertheless, we aim for the animal to finish in the mid-afternoon.