Shetland Sheep

Information about the Shetland Sheep at Mandolin Creek Farm

About Shetland Sheep

Mandolin Creek Farm raises Shetland sheep for meat and wool.

About Our Flock

Mandolin Creek Farm presently maintains a closed flock of around 22 sheep, with two herd sires and a weather.

In 2015, we bought stock registered with the North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association (NASSA), but most of them were killed by cougars in 2016.

All of our lambs are grass-fed on our pastures.

Lamb Meat

Mandolin Creek Farm offers whole and half lamb shares. Our Shetland lambs are much smaller than commercial breeds; they do not take up as much space in your freezer, and they fit perfectly on a spit for roasting at your special events.

We are taking lamb herdshare reservations for 2019 lambs. Whole lamb share owners may name their own animals. All share owners can track their flock's progress at the Farm and must participate in the final processing and packaging.


We shear our flock each Spring and sell the raw whole fleeces. Prices depend on the quality and availability. Contact us to be notified when shearing takes place or to participate in the experience.