American Guinea Hogs

Information about the American Guinea Hogs at Mandolin Creek Farm

About American Guinea Hogs

Mandolin Creek Farm breeds pigs for sale as locker pork.

Pig breeds are generally classified either as a lard or meat/bacon type. Lard breeds have compact bodies, large hams, and a heavier external fat layer. Meat breeds have longer bodies and legs, a trimmer profile, more energy, and less external fat.

Our premiere pigs are purebred American Guinea Hogs. Guinea Hogs are a small lard breed, with full-grown adults usually weighing less than 300 lbs. 

About Our Herd

Mandolin Creek Farm established its American Guinea Hog herd in May 2016 with the purchase of two weaned gilts: Thelma and Louise. Thelma and Louise reached their appropriate breeding weights in 2017, so we purchased an AGH boar and named him Thor.

Our first litters of were born early in February 2018, but they were all lost due to a combination of factors. Most were lost due to smothering by the inexperienced sows.

Our second litters arrived in August 2018; a total of eight piglets survived, including 5 boars and 3 gilts. These will be processed for share owners in 2019.

We expect our third litters to arrive in early 2019.

Pork Products

We currently are out of stock on all USDA-inspected pork, but we have a limited number of shares available from our current herd.