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Mandolin Creek Farm is a family-owned diversified farm with crops, fruits and livestock. We acquired this 100-acre century farm in late 2012 from the family that had owned it since 1900. We are working to turn it back into a productive working farm and hope to create an environment that others can come enjoy and learn.

Come and help out on the farm, feed and play with the cows, sheep, poultry, and bunnies. Take a walk or bike ride on our beautiful groomed trails. Visit the many interesting places that the surrounding area has to offer. Learn farm skills, from collecting eggs, shearing sheep, milking a cow, and processing livestock. Or simply sit, relax and enjoy the sounds of nature.

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Most of our buildings and fields overlook the Marys River. The river slowly meanders through the trees by our lower pastures. Rolling hills covered with timber surround the farm. Everywhere, you might see some of our local wildlife, including the majestic Roosevelt elk.

At Mandolin Creek Farm, we raise heritage breeds of domestic livestock, fruit trees, and vegetables. Globally, our selected varieties are dwindling in population, heading towards extinction. We are doing our part to conserve these unique and valuable lines, and we hope our efforts will encourage more people to raise them.

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In order to accommodate guests that want to enjoy the "farm experience", we also operate a Farm Stay lodge, Mandolin Creek Lodge. For those more adventurous souls, we also have several sites for tent camping.