History and overview of the Farm

Mandolin Creek Farm is a single member limited liability corporation operating in the State of Oregon, pursuing diversified farming using modern techniques and technology.


The Farm property and business is owned solely by Zach Welch, who resides in its main farmhouse and oversees all activities. 


The Farm property consists of 60 acres adjacent to the Marys River and south of Long Rd in Summit Oregon.


Starting with chickens, Zach began raising chickens, quail, rabbits, bees, and even a pair of pigs on 1/10th of an acre in the middle of Corvallis, OR. He successfully bootstrapped a wholesale quail egg business, with fresh eggs being distributed weekly to restaurants as far away as Portland.

After purchasing land in 2012 and incorporating in 2013, the Farm has raised many kinds of animals, plants, and trees on our property. That experience continues to demonstrate what the land, nature, and our neighborhood will allow us to produce economically.

Simultaneously, that diversity was developed to support agritourism and education activities, to complement the use of Mandolin Creek Lodge as a farmstay destination.